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Get Sharp Futsal training will be hosted on the hard courts at the Mt. Washington Recreation Center located at 1715 Beacon Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230.
Winter Season 1: November 6 through December 20, 2017 Winter Season 2: January 8 through February 28, 2017
There will be two training sessions on Monday and Wednesday during each Winter Season. The first session will start promptly at 6:00PM and end no later than 7:00PM the second session will start promptly at 7:00PM and ends no later than 8:00PM.
We generally recommend futsal training for players between 7 and 15 years of age. We accept players of all abilities and will match players together during each session based on demonstrated ability rather than age.
Each training session will be limited to approximately 25 players performing dynamic exercises and game-like sequences with the goal of increasing the number and quality of touches compared to conventional training.
1 training session per week for 1 Winter Season (7 total sessions) - $185/player 1 training session per week for 2 Winter Seasons (14 total sessions) - $335/player 2 training sessions per week for 1 Winter Season (14 total sessions) - $335/player 2 training sessions per week for 2 Winter Seasons (28 total sessions) - $575/player 3 training sessions per week for 1 Winter Season (28 total sessions) - $430/player
Get Sharp Futsal will offer a 10% per player discount when two or more siblings register for training. Call or email us for your discount code to use during checkout.


 The word Futsal is derived from the Spanish terms of fútbol sala and fútbol de salon, as well as the Portuguese term futebol de salão, which roughly translates into English as “indoor soccer”. The story goes that Futsal was created in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani, a teacher in Montevideo, Uruguay, created a version of indoor soccer for play inside YMCAs. He developed the game for play on basketball courts, with the basic rules of soccer. However, futsal also borrows rules from basketball (the number of players on the court and the game duration); water polo (rules for goalkeeping); and handball (field and net size). The futsal ball is smaller and heavier, limiting the bounce and velocity of the ball as it travels across the court. This creates a fast paced, highly technical, and dynamic game with players focused on creativity and possession of the ball, primarily on their feet. From its inception, futsal spread rapidly across Latin America and Europe, developing an immense and dedicated following, as it is easily played by anyone, anywhere! Futsal is the only indoor soccer game recognized by FIFA. Many of the best players in the world credit their success on the soccer pitch to an upbringing that incorporated futsal including Ronaldo, Messi, Pele, Zico, and on and on.
Get Sharp Futsal training quickly develops mastery on the ball and improved reflexes within the game. The increased weight keeps the ball in play longer and the smaller court size forces quicker reactions in the game. Footwork is the foundation of the Get Sharp Futsal training program. Refinement followed by repetition of correct technique leads to improved muscle memory and quickness in the game.
Get Sharp limits the number of players at each futsal training session, ensuring that players receive individualized attention. Players will routinely be forced into one-on-one situations and taught the techniques for beating their opponent with creativity, finesse, and style. Players will rapidly build confidence through routine and repeated exercises on the ball that can only be developed in the environment we create.
Get Sharp Futsal training is limited to play on hard courts in order to speed up our player’s reactions mentally within the game. The size of the court forces players to make better decisions under high pressure situations. The Get Sharp Futsal trainers develop sessions to simulate conditions that players will experience on the court. Our goal is to improve recognition and the rate of reaction to evolving play. Ultimately, this improved knowledge and decision making will allow players to create more space and improve time on the ball.
The limited space imposed by futsal prevents easy escape in tight situations (compared to indoor soccer where the ball can be played off a wall). The smaller, heavier ball requires closer ball control and manipulation. At Get Sharp Futsal training, players are on the ball far more frequently, with the primary focus on individual development of dribbling, fakes, feints, and ball mastery. In addition to our focus of improving footwork, our training also incorporates other aspects of the game including receiving, passing, volleying, and finishing. In just a few sessions, players demonstrate improved first touch and control of the ball. This translates to mastering not only your footwork, but also your opponent.


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