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About GSS Private Training


For the average youth player, the most critical focus area is her or her “technical” development. All other areas are secondary and formed at later ages. With this in mind, our program places emphasis on the correct repetition of technical skills at a high intensity. Individuals will be put into a challenging environment that forms solid training habits. Most important, our program encourages players to develop to their full potential and provides a fun and rewarding experience. Our sole focus is on the individual player and individual aspects within the beautiful game.


According to the US Soccer Federation, the average European player spends at least twice as much time playing and training compared to their  US counterpart.



The most significant gap between the US and European player is observed in skills typically gained with private training.


Player Requirements:

Private training consists of between 1 and 4 players performing dynamic exercises and game-like sequences with the goal of increasing the number of quality touches compared to conventional team training.


Program Information


Training Frequency:

Training can occur as often as daily depending on the goals of the player.


Session Duration:

Each session will last approximately 60 minutes


Age Groups:

Recommended age group is between 7-17 years of age. We accept players of all abilities and will match players together for sessions based on demonstrated ability rather than age.




 Single Player  4 sessions = $400  6 sessions = $580  8 sessions = $75010 sessions = $930 Two Players  4 sessions = $200/player  6 sessions = $290/player  8 sessions = $375/player10 sessions = $465/player  Three Players  4 sessions = $160/player  6 sessions = $233/player  8 sessions = $303/player10 sessions = $377/player  Four Players  4 sessions = $120/player  6 sessions = $175/player  8 sessions = $228/player10 sessions = $283/player



Newtown, OH


Dates & Times:

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 Our private sessions are fast paced and rigorous. Players will be challenged and pushed to their anaerobic limit to simulate game like conditions. Our methods lead to improved stamina, core strength, and power that pays dividends late in matches.








 In addition to our primary focus on improved footwork, our training also incorporates other aspects of the game including receiving, passing, volleying, and finishing. In just a few sessions, players demonstrate improved first touch and control of the ball. This translates to increased confidence and mastering not only your footwork, but also your opponent.








 We build more than just muscle memory. Our trainers explain how specific training activities relate to moments in the game and then simulate conditions that players will experience on the field. Our goal is to improve recognition and the rate of reaction to evolving play. Ultimately, this improved knowledge and decision making will allow players to create more space and improved time on the ball during a match.








 While nearly all activities are on the ball, our trainers incorporate ladders, hurdles, cones, and other obstacles into each private training session with a focus on improving agility, footwork, form, and technique. Footwork is the foundation of our technical training program. Refinement followed by repetition of correct technique leads to improved muscle memory and quickness on the field.









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